Areas of Expertise


Bennett Financial Partners is headquarted on Saint Simons Island, Georgia and all advisors are registered with LPL Financial, a full service broker/dealer and registered investment advisor.

Wealth Management

We take an active approach to helping you manage and invest your wealth. We know that you’ve worked hard for what you have, so we work with you to coordinate all aspects that contribute to your wealth – your financial, retirement and estate plan, funding your children’s education, and your investments.

We work with you to understand and analyze your situation and offer solutions to help keep every aspect of wealth working toward your financial goals.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

We build more than a financial plan; we build relationships with our clients. We want to understand your goals and know if your circumstances change, so we can adjust your plan to help keep you on track.

Our comprehensive approach to planning includes understanding your financial future and creating a plan aligned with your short and long-term goals including: retirement, college funding, estate planning, and investments.

Investment Management

We’ll work with you to understand your goals and develop a plan for your investments that aligns with your financial plan and tolerance for risk.

Are you looking for socially responsible investments? We can help.

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*Investing involves risk, including possible loss of principal.

Retirement Income Planning

The income you rely on during your retirement may come from many sources such as a pension, Social Security, 401(k), and personal retirement accounts. Based on your goals for retirement and resources, we’ll work with you to develop an income plan and offer solutions throughout your retirement.We work with you to develop a comprehensive, holistic plan that considers your current and future situation, your objectives, needs and values.

Pre-Retirement / Retirement Planning

Whether you are still accumulating assets for retirement – or starting to think about turning those assets into income to support your post-retirement lifestyle – we can help you appropriately plan and structure your assets.  Moreover, when you reach retirement, we can assist with income planning, monitoring, rebalancing, reallocating and transferring your wealth to address evolving needs.

Estate Planning

An effective estate plan allows you to preserve the wealth you have accumulated over a lifetime and distribute it exactly as you wish.  Our estate planning can help you establish estate planning strategies to ensure that you have a sound retirement program, manage taxes and provide for your surviving family.  We can also help you manage sensitive family dynamics, trust planning or the equitable transfer of a family business.

Risk Management Analysis

You want to ensure that your loved ones are provided for after you’re gone, which is why discussing your life insurance options with a financial advisor is so important. We can review your current financial plan and unique situation to determine which type of life insurance policy can help protect your family against the financial expenses they would face in the event of your death.

Business Planning

Businesses today need a reliable, knowledgeable and responsible team that can offer the right financial strategies to help support continual growth and success. Bennett Financial Partners can help your business by providing cost effective benefits for you and your employees, maximizing tax advantages and designing and implementing an exit and succession plan to preserve your wealth.

Corporate Employee Benefits

A properly structured benefit package is vital to a company’s bottom line, as well as attracting and retaining valuable employees.  Bennett Financial Partners is equipped with the support and skills to analyze the environment of a company’s employee base to suggest a benefit plan rich in benefits to the employees and cost-effective to the employer at the same time.

Financial Goal Review

Wealth management is more than knowing where your investments are – it’s working with every aspect that contributes to your wealth – your financial and estate plans, charitable contributions, tax strategies, and building lasting relationships with the professionals, such as attorneys and tax professionals.

Executive Benefit Planning

We offer executive benefit planning as an important consideration for business owners and corporate executives. This planning can involve several innovative strategies, including designing cost efficient supplemental executive retirement plans and helping you time the exercise of stock options to manage the impact of income taxes while seeking to maximize your return on investment.

Education Planning

Deciding how to save for your children’s college education is an important part of your financial planning.

We’ll look at your income and recommend funding options to help you save for your child’s future and coordinate those savings into your financial plan.

Divorce Planning

Divorce financial planning is critical to preparing your financial future.  We educate and help you analyze your specific financial issues during divorce while simultaneously developing a personalized financial plan for you.

Annuity Review

An annuity review can be beneficial to you because you can assess changes to current and future goals, and if an annuity still fits your plans.  Updated annuity solutions may provide more attractive benefits and features.