We help you plan, manage and preserve your wealth.


Our advisors provide a full range of investment and financial advisory services, including investment management and strategic asset allocation.

We bring to our clients skilled investment management and investment advisory services. We employ an asset allocation process that synthesizes information about your investment needs, personal finances, investment objectives, investment time horizon and risk tolerance to arrive at an investment allocation customized to your circumstances. We offer guidance on investment alternatives and can help implement and administer your overall investment portfolio.

Staci Bennett, CRPC | Financial Advisor | Golden Isles, Georgia

Accumulator Essentials

$800 initial setup + $149/mo

Designed for pre-retiree individuals looking to organize their financials and plan for the future.

$250,000 Minimum Assets Under Management


Included: Annual Meeting + 10 Annual Service Hours

  • Investment Review

  • Quarterly Newsletter

  • Retirement Check up

  • Goal Monitoring

  • Online Financial Portal

  • Behavioral Financial Coaching

  • Financial Guidance and Counsel

  • Email and Phone support


Pre-Retirees Advanced

$2,500 intial setup + $199/mo

Designed for pre-retiree individuals or families looking to set and monitor financial goals.

$500,000 Minimum Assets Under Management

Included: Semi-Annual Meeting + 20 Annual Service Hours

Tier 1 Plus:

  • Comprehensive Financial Plan

  • Retirement Income Planning

  • Detailed Cash Flow Analysis

  • Roth Conversion Review

  • Multiple Goal Analysis

  • Risk Analysis

  • Basic Estate Planning

  • Year End Tax Planning


Distribution + Legacy Premier

$4,500 initial setup + $499/mo


Designed for individuals, families, and/or business owners with complex financial needs.

$1,000,000 Minimum Assets Under Management

Included: Tri-Annual Meeting + Annual Service Hours as needed

Tier 2 Plus:

  • Wealth Transfer Planning

  • Stock Option Analysis

  • Charitable Giving Strategies

  • Business Planning

  • Advanced Tax Planning

  • Full Access + Collaboration with Third Party Industry Professionals

  • Family Wealth Planning


Hourly Planning & Consulting

Starting rate: $249/hr

We are pleased to offer ala carte planning services starting at $249/hour depending on your situation and needs.  Hours will be estimated and proposed on each plan and a retainer paid to begin financial services.


Asset Management Services

Fee Based Advisory

Account Value Annual Advisory Fee Included Services
$0 – 250k 1.5%
  • Portfolio Review
  • Investment Selection
  • Rebalancing
  • Gain/Loss Harvesting
  • Time Horizon Analysis
  • Risk Tolerance
  • Asset Allocation
  • Investment Research
  • Financial Planning
$250k – 500k 1.25%
$500k – 2.5MM 1%
$2.5MM – 5MM .9%
$5MM Negotiable
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The Passion of Our Mission.


Our mission is to make a positive difference in your family’s future.  We will accomplish this by providing timely, open, and honest communication, relevant education, and seamless proactive service as we strive to consistently exceed your expectations.

Your wealth gives you a great catalyst for your family to have a positive impact.  In this process, you can involve your family and instill them with passion for your vision.  Our commitment is to help you to:

  • integrate this wealth with your personal needs and goals.
  • chart a course of action for implementing a family policy on stewarding the family’s wealth for children and future grandchildren.
  • codify your family’s values to protect your wealth and legacy, and having a mission-centered mindset about money.
  • create a family governance structure that educates your heirs about how to handle and manage wealth, and teach them who to turn to for help.
  • give your heirs a clear mission and vision for the future and set a path for what your wealth can accomplish.
  • equip future generations of the family with the tools to carry out your vision.
  • put a strategy in place to stay the course.

Our Philanthropic Interests

Humane Society of South Coastal Georgia
Operation Bedspread